Privinvest Model Ships Bring Elegance to Any Location

Privinvest Model Ships Bring Elegance to Any Location

In 1990, Privinvest was formed by two brothers, Iskandar and Akram Safa, and it is now a significant player in the shipbuilding business. The Group was a pioneer in the construction of the modem missile-armed Fast Attack Craft, with their designs being widely sold to over 40 navies across Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Located in Cherbourg, northwestern of France and it headquarter in the Middle East, the Privinvest Group has developed more than 700 highly sophisticated naval, civil and research vessels in steel, aluminum, and advanced composite materials. Shipbuilding traditionally used a structural plate to fabricate hulls. The more modern steel provides a significantly higher tensile strength which makes them better suited to construct larger ships efficiently. Not only has it sped up the shipbuilding process, but also provides included resistance to corrosion which has proved particularly beneficial to oil tankers.

With over 20 years of experience, Privinvest has delivered over 2,000 vessels and employed over 2,500 people all over the world. Every day, the company works on the supply of integrated systems, the design, and construction of naval and commercial vessels, support programs for maritime fleets, and transfer and supports technology to nations wanting to advance their own shipbuilding industry.

Currently, they own shipyards in the UK, France, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, and Germany. Privinvest is at the forefront when it comes to environmental issues. The Group focuses primarily on Marine Renewable Energies such as the hydrokinetic and has funded a green energy industry focusing on river and tidal turbines.

Privinvest’s shipbuilding entities have success when it comes to exporting and has an influential order book from clients worldwide. The Group is working for several major NATO and non-NATO navies. They are currently working on new projects, including EEZ integrated surveillance and protection systems, new builds for marines, and other shipbuilding incorporated services. They aim to create maneuverability necessary to be a truly versatile, enhanced indirect capabilities, stability, and adaptable to any high-speed main engines.