QI Group Of Companies Joins Multinational Organizations To Support Economic Growth And Combat Terrorism

QI Group of Companies is a Hong Kong-based holding company that owns and operates subsidiaries around the world. It was founded in 1998 as an e-commerce platform and has since also become a direct selling firm. They offer products across a broad range of categories including health food supplements, vacation packages, homecare, watches, skincare, personal care, and luxury goods.

One of the co-founders is Malaysian Vijay Eswaran who acts as the executive vice president. Before founding this company, he had several years of experience in the direct sales industry, including in the United States while he was attending Southern Illinois University. He got serious about this industry when he returned to Malaysia in the early 1990s and was recruited by the Cosway Group to introduce their products and services to Malaysians.

QI Group of Companies has subsidiaries in almost 30 countries across the globe. It has partnered with multiple international organizations. Among these is the World Economic Forum, an organization focused on some of the world’s biggest challenges like diversity, education, entrepreneurship, and the rise of the gig economy.

One of the World Economic Forum’s initiatives is the Digital ASEAN project. The QI Group of Companies is contributing to the expansion of this project. This project is focused on the ASEAN region which is Southeast Asia. There are about 630 million people in this part of the world and their economic growth has been averaging 5% annually for the past several years.

QI Group of Companies and Vijay Eswaran are advancing the goals of the Digital ASEAN project. This includes developing digital policies and regulations, developing human capital, and managing cyber-risks. Vijay Eswaran has spoken about the project at numerous summits, including in the United States and Switzerland.

It is also a member of Concordia. This organization was founded in 2011 to figure out ways to combat global terrorism. It believes that it will take a joint public-private effort to address this issue. QI Group of Companies contributes by focusing on sustainability issues. Vijay Eswaran has engaged in discussions about sustainability around the world and has partnered with many global leaders.