Raffaele Riva’s Enthusiasm for the Evolution of Business

Raffaele Riva seems to be the living embodiment of success spawned from a desire to help people and businesses be successful. After earning an economics degree and a Dottore Commercialista (accounting qualification) at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Riva completed two post-graduate programs. Over the next decade, Riva went on to assist in launching multiple start-up companies. Impressively, he then remained heavily involved in their operations and management.

Most recently Raffaele Riva founded AUREA Multi-Family Office. This would become the parent company that spawned other business ventures that formed under its umbrella. As with the startups, Riva, even as AUREA’s president, continues a fully involved role in heading most of those companies.

His ambition and drive, paired with an unrelenting passion for helping his clients achieve success and improve their businesses, can only be rivaled by his outright commitment to helping provide services and products which benefit and optimize life and business of other entrepreneurs.

This unrelenting passion leads Raffaele Riva, a dedicated reader and constant student of the ever-evolving business world, to keep his finger on the pulse of the current events, economic trends and a variety of emerging disruptive technology. He does this enthusiastically, as he believes that the key to any great business success is the desire to provide clients with optimal value. In fact, his mantra to aspiring entrepreneurs is just that: “When you wake up each morning asking for more ways to better serve and satisfy your clients, you will dramatically boost your business.”

But it’s not just optimistic visions of a glorious future Raffaele Riva preaches. All of the enthusiasm and ambition only truly form into success with rigorous, diligent work, gaining of experience, and delivery of results that truly provide value to customers.