Russell Gimelstob And His Career

He may not be anything special in the big apple but Russell Gimelstob is well-renowned for his athletic prowess back in his hometown of New Vernon, New Jersey. He first picked up a racket when he was six and quickly proved to have a knack for it. As the son of a star athlete, he quickly proved to be a chip off the old block and made first team all-state every year. During this time, he would spend many of his summers in Palos Verdes training with Robert Lansdorp to prove he was serious about being the best tennis player he could be. All of that training paid off when he won three straight championships with the team and became the first ever sophomore to be appointed captain of the Newark Academy tennis team back in 2005.

Eventually, it came time for him to graduate and choose from the many different offers of athletic scholarships he received from various universities. However, he decided to pass on all of them after going on a recruitment trip to Cornell University and meeting the head coach, Barry Shoemaker. This was when he decided that it was the right college for him and he went on to become an academic all American. He also represented the team when he was selected to partake in the national doubles tournament and he won every single match throughout his sophomore year. Additionally, he won many all-ivy awards and received his bachelor’s in the spring of 2001 before electing to stay.

He then went on to work as an analyst for Goldman Sachs for three years before he was offered the position of associate at a company known as Dune Real Estate Group where he still works to this day. After seven years as an associate, he was eventually promoted to partner in 2012. Shortly thereafter, his old high school decided to induct him into their athletics hall of fame and he was more than happy to accept. He is now a member of the investment committee at Dune and also serves as their head of acquisitions.