Sadie Keller Significance of Advocating for Cancer Patients

Sadie Keller is a member of Sadie Keller Foundation and participates annually in the Cure Fest for Childhood event. She has been on television programs such as Fox News’ severally, where she shared details about her foundation. Also, the kid highlighted the importance of better funding for pediatric cancer research institutions. She is ten years of age and has an outstanding record as a public speaker and activist. The kid operates as the leader in her foundation and proceeds to create awareness for the battle against cancer. She offers support to families struggling with childhood cancer.

Her initiatives to support children

Sadie Keller ‘s foundation has several projects such as Sadie Sleigh, which is a platform that delivers Christmas gifts to hospitalized kids and their families. Another initiative that her foundation has formed is Milestone Gifts. It offers rewards to children who have finished testes and therapies for their cancer treatment plan. Besides her role in her foundation, she enjoys creating impressive works of art which represent hope and positivity. She has been at the forefront to ensure children voices are heard, and change is enacted to curb cancer problems. Kids need support from parents and the medical staff fraternity.

The reason behind creating the foundation

Sadie Keller and her family began Sadie Keller Foundation because fewer resources are allocated to research pediatric cancer centers. They felt the urge to do more, thus creating a foundation which will support the cancer facilities. Recently, they received a contribution from Matt Fleeger, who is the executive of Gulf Coast Western. He contributed 14000 to both her and her foundation. He is a prominent business leader who is famous for his donations to children’s causes. It is the reason why he helped out the foundation as he understands them. Sadie Keller was grateful for his contribution as it will assist in her initiatives. It will also be utilized in raising funds for pediatric research institutions.