Securus Helped Me Speak To Family From Inside Jail

I know there are several people who have not heard of Securus, and they must know about this lovely service. I saw my family on video from my jail, and I talked to them many times as I learned how they were doing. They wanted to know how I was doing, and I wanted to know how they were doing. This story explains how I used the system every week to talk to family while I was incarcerated.


#1: How Does It Work?


Securus is simple because you sit in front of the camera as you talk. Securus set up the cameras in the jails to make talking simpler, and they manage the network. It is as basic as possible, and my family used the app on their end. I was told they were using a tablet, and I saw all of them when we had our talks.


#2: How Does It Look?


The video picture is clear, and I did not miss out on anything I was supposed to see. Securus has a network that is very strong, and I used it often without fail. My family told me they could see me, and they could hear me just as well. It was quite simple to use the system, and it was my connection outside of the jail.


#3: How Does Securus Do Their Job?


My family set up their accounts with Securus, and they ensured they had enough time on the account to talk to me.


I am happy with Securus, and I know other families need Securus to ensure they have a way to communicate with family.


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  1. Securus made an app for them to use, and they were talking to me on every call we set up. Talking to family through Securus helped me get through my sentence easily. It is apparent that essay on time review can have as much as they need from them too.

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