Sergey Petrossov: Changing the Industry of Private Flights

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is one of the most important air transport applications today, developed by Sergey Petrossov back in 2012. It was dubbed by those who have used the app as the Uber of the skies, and it helped move a lot of people in the air after the app was launched to the public.

Sergey Petrossov is a young software developer who has a lot of experience in doing software programs. Prior to the creation of JetSmarter in 2012, he used to make a program that helps Americans and Russians communicate effectively. He also created an app that is used heavily by his clients which are operating a fleet of private jets. The idea to create JetSmarter came in after his first experience of flying in private. From the booking procedures down to the gate where he should check in, the young software developer noticed that the processes are all. He started thinking about how it should be modernized for the sake of those who wanted to experience flying in private.

The idea to create JetSmarter was shortly conceptualized inside his mind, and he called several developers who have worked with him in the past to help him create the app that he has in mind. They started creating the app and tested if it will work. When they developed the beta version, the young software developer decided to let the people use it and encouraged the public to give their feedback. After the team fixed the remaining bugs in the app, they decided to release it completely shortly, and the feedback, in general, was positive. People started using the app, and booking several private flights.

The industry of flying in private was shocked to see how effective JetSmarter is, and through the years, the company had to sign deals with different private plane providers and it launched an era wherein flying in private has become more convenient than ever. There are also deals found within the app, and people have been using JetSmarter to help them book private flights that are cost-effective. JetSmarter changed the industry for the better, and it opened up new opportunities for airplane operators.

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