Sharon Prince on Connection and Space in A Connected Lonely World

The fact is that panics exist within the world today. Panic attacks, financial panics, banking panic, and a variety of other panics. These panics are present because of a lack of long-term commitments that are present within the world. There is now a lot more demand for a certain amount of flexibility. The need for flexibility may be an issue as this may have problems for companies that are long while people are short.

Because of these different panics and issues in the spread between the long-term and the short term, different vehicles such as deposit insurance and further pressing regulations were imposed. When regulations recede, new innovations may come to the fore that may pose problems if not checked properly. When things go wrong, new regulations are then put into play and then they are taken away allowing for new financial and other sorts of innovations.

See, this is where the company that is WeWork will lie. It is a space, much like Grace Farms, it is beautiful, much like Grace Farms. Except for the two diverge at one critical juncture, one is a nonprofit that provides a space for expression while the other is about work.

Sharon Prince and her Grace Farms don’t require long term leases and short term leases, it is owned differently. Both of the spaces offer different additional services that make sense for its people. Grace Farms will be around as long as there’s a need for community and there’s support, WeWork may not be because of the fact that there are costs, large costs involved.

Recessions are present within the world and are a factor of life, it is something that must be accounted for. A space-based company like We work should account for the different eventualities. We is one company that is financially interesting because it is borrowing money to keep going.

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