Smita Shah Organizes Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee Luncheon

October 2nd was a big day for the Indian community living in the city of Chicago as it was the day that was commemorated as Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago. The day was meant to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, marking the 150th birthday of the notable figure. The day was marked at the annual Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee Luncheon, hosted by Smita Shah, who chairs the organization. The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, Senator Dick Durbin, and many other notable personalities were present at the event. 


After the event, Smita Shah came forward to talk about the impact that the event and the commemoration would have on the company. She stated that it was a huge honor for the Indian American community living in the city of Chicago and for her personally because of the strong admiration that she has for Mahatma Gandhi. The event was mainly put into place to enforce the idea that Chicago and India share a strong relationship with each other, which can only be strengthened by positive approaches that are similar to this one. The event was also meant to showcase the fact that the Indian community living in the city of Chicago stands for the strong values and principles of truth and non-violence that Mahatma Gandhi also stood for.


The idea to host an event of this kind stemmed from the fact that Chicago is home to an incredibly multicultural community with people belonging to different counties and religions residing within the city. This means that it is important for each of these minority groups to receive a certain amount of recognition for the contributions they have made to society. Learn more:


About Smita Shah Chicago


Smita Shah is a well-regarded entrepreneur and businesswoman who stands as a prominent name within her industry. She stands as the CEO of her own engineering company and is someone who has had to fight her way to the top of the industry. The company that she leads is known as SPANN Tech and is a company that mainly offers a range of construction and management based solutions to clients who are looking to carry out infrastructure-related projects. 


Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has never been easy for Smita Shah, and she has had to face an incredible amount of prejudices as a result of these views that people tend to have. In spite of this, she time and again showcased that she was far better than her male counterparts and had the ability to truly stand out from the crowd. Her incredible amount of skill and understanding of the engineering industry was showcased in the success that her company witnessed and is something that helps her keep delivering the very best to the clients who come to them. 


The work that Smita Shah has done through the course of her career has made her the recipient of several awards and honors from notable organizations and institutions. She was given the Best of Business in Chicago Engineering Services and the American Council of Engineering Companies Engineering Excellence Honor Award.

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