Smita Shah: The Epitome of an Empowered Woman

The Chief Executive Officer and President of SPAAN Tech, Smita Shah, went on an interview at the Steve Cochran Show where she was able to share her pieces of advice to students and aspiring engineers in the industry. She discussed the significance of technology, math, science, engineering, and how people should learn to appreciate it more. Smita Shah established her own business two decades ago with the main purpose of helping other people build their community with a solid foundation and a good structure. As the Chief Executive Officer of SPAAN Tech, she continues to generate brilliant and innovative ideas that are useful and advanced as the years go by. Technology grows each year, and she wants her company to grow along with it. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn


Smita Shah has always been good in math and science. She spent her childhood days solving word problems and algebraic equations instead of playing with her friends. She is a self-proclaimed geek and nerd who focuses on her studies than her social life. According to her, she would rather run math relays back in high school than actually running with the school’s track and field team. She would spend her time practicing and solving long equations during math relays where she passed the equations that she made to the team members at their school. Being good at math enabled her to help them win a number of competitions. She was all about medals and ribbons back during her early days. Years later, Smita Shah graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she earned her master’s degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering.


During the Steve Cochran show, Smita Shah talked about how she uses her knowledge and intelligence to empower young girls and women who would want to succeed in the field of engineering. It is very important to have the right mindset, positive attitude, and to remain driven so that a person may be able to turn his or her goals to reality. According to Smita Shah, being an engineer is all about applying mathematics and science realistically and pragmatically so that she is able to come up with innovative solutions to the issues and problems that people face regularly. The youth must have the chance to obtain their full potential through science, math, engineering, and technology. They have the ability to be educators, researchers, innovators, and leaders who can find the answer to the problems that we are facing today. She encourages people who are planning to pursue engineering to show how they will be able to benefit society and the world as a whole. Engineers are relevant to the future and future of our world, they create new concepts that will make the world easier and better for the people living in it. Learn more: