Steve Lesnard Gives Marketing Advice

Steve Lesnard is known throughout the marketing industry for launching some of the most iconic brands for some of the biggest sports brands in America. he is also one of the few branding experts who was able to sign the first athletes to advertising deals. These athletes were Olympic athletes because Steve Lesnard has done marketing and branding work for three different Olympic Games as well. He has a reputation for being one of the best marketing and branding experts who is a visionary. Mr. Lesnard is extremely creative and when he is bringing his ideas to life he makes sure that he is focused and has the proper preparation that will lead to success on any project that he is working on. Mr. Lesnard has tons of positive energy and knows how to build relationships with people this is why he is able to work with star athletes and high-power sports brands.

Individuals who are in the industry of advertising, branding, and marketing have to know how to bring your ideas to life. With today’s technology, doing this can be accomplished much easier if companies or individuals utilize platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Before you bring an idea to life you have to have a plan or a goal for what you are going to do with the idea. Steve Lesnard suggest that when companies or individuals are working on advertising, branding, and marketing projects they should set goals for the short-term and goals for the long term of the project. The reason why it is important to set these goals for the short and long-term is because it is easier to track the progress of the project so the company or marketer will not fall behind on deadlines.

Mr. Lesnard sees the value in social media and he sees it as a new dynamic when it comes to the industry of advertising, branding, and marketing. He emphasizes that companies should utilize all the social media networks to market their brand and their products and if they are not they are really losing out and missing massive opportunities. If these companies do not become more open-minded to these social media platforms and implement them into their marketing strategy they will be left behind. Companies should also look to hire younger marketing experts who understand social media because this can be the difference in the success or failure of a new product launch via the social media route.