Steve Ritchie, CEO, Brings Empahsis to Papa John’s Team-Leadership Growth and Service

It has been 24 years since Steve Ritchie joined Papa John’s Pizza franchise and landed a job as a customer service representative. A new practice that drives many people to Papa John’s is its way of promoting from within. About 98% of hiring to management comes from hourly workers, delivery drivers, or team leaders. It is an excellent way to move up in the company and also to get the attention of upper management who are always on the lookout for outstanding and enthusiastic workers who are fit to get promoted. The job fit Steve Ritchie perfectly at the time, and he was awarded a competitive pay of $5 an hour a price equal to minimum wages at the time for workers.

World-Class Company

Steve Ritchie realized when he began working with Papa John that it was a company that could take him to places where he could make a good career, and it provided a lot of inventive to throw himself into the culture of Papa John’s. For those who worked with Steve Ritchie said his work habits were impeccable, and he always gave his 100% at work, which may be one reason why he was offered so many opportunities over the years. In his early years, Papa John’s was growing at a rate of about one new store a day somewhere in the world, and it was a vibrant corporate culture to be an active member.

Customer Service to Franchise Owner

In a few years, Steve Ritchie sought to grow in new ways that would put him in a very different category than his peers. In 2006 Steve Ritchie applied for his own Papa John’s franchise. He wanted to be his operator and manager of a Papa John Restaurant. Like his duties and responsibilities before Steve Ritchie carried out his new duties as a franchise owner, the same dedication and passion. He was proving to be a good and dependable leader to those around him.

Owner and Operator to COO

Between the years of 2006-2010, Steve Ritchie was working as a franchise owner as well as getting around working as a leader in operations. Again, Steve Ritchie set himself apart from his peers and was offered a new promotion to Chief Operations Manager in 2014, which was a role he carried like so many of his previous responsibilities at Papa John’s moving forward the brand’s culture and leadership among the teams.

COO to President

In 2015 Steve Ritchie, only a year into his role as COO was again promoted to become the new President of Papa John’s. At every new promotion Steve Ritchie remained grateful and kept his duties and responsibilities clear of anything that would keep him from being seen as a candidate for further developments, which occurred on January 1, 2018 when Steven Ritchie got the news that he was to immediately to take over the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Papa John Pizza Organization. He told reporters that day that he felt humbled to have been asked to carry forward such a great company he had been able to be part of and looked forward to working with the team leaders to continue to provide the most excellent product and service to the customers who always expected great service from Papa John’s Pizza. Read more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s: