Stratford Shields: The Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets

Stratford Shields is the managing director of Loop Capital Markets, a firm based in Chicago. This firm deals with public finance investment banking, and its clients are in the Northeast and Midwest. Prior to his current position, Stratford served as the president of SCB; the State Controlling Board and the deputy director of Management and Budget office, Ohio.

Stratford Shields has over twenty years’ experience in the municipal finance industry. In all these years, he had top leadership positions. In the municipal finance industry association, Shields served as the treasurer. He was also the Vice Chairman as well as Chairman of SIMFA- the Securities Industry of Financial Markets Association. He spearheaded the creation of a voluntary ban in securities firms as a way of eliminating the appearance of pay-to-play. He banned financial contributions for the bond ballot elections.

Stratford Shields was also a leading investment banker in the private sector- Ohio State University. He handled the university’s 483 million dollars for the 50-year concession. Ohio University received the Deal of the Year award in non-traditional financing category for its parking system. During his corporate finance career, Mr. Shields has been the lead investment banker for over thirty billion dollars transactions for clients, states, universities, cities, hospital systems, toll roads, airports, water & sewer entities, student loan agencies, and state revolving funds to mention a few. He offered credit strategies to his clients as well as transaction structuring to get the optimal financial results.

In his career, Stratford has been the Head of Public Finance in major Wall Street firms like Morgan Stanley where he worked for five years. Under his leadership, Morgan Stanley Ltd has been ranked the fourth position consecutively in the lead managed negotiated rankings. When asked how he brings ideas to life, this investment banker said that he talks with his clients about the pros and cons of each idea. He then settles for the one that fewer drawbacks. Mr. Shields advises young entrepreneurs not to get distracted by naysayers and that they should not give up.