Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares Foundation

Stream Energy is an energy company with a high profile in the United States. The company was established in 2004 by two well-known investors that is Pierre Koshkaji and his business friend Rob Snyder. Since its founding, Stream Energy has been operating as a retailer and supplier of electricity and natural gas in the country. However, the company also provides protective and wireless services to business companies as well as households in and outside the country making it an international energy firm. The current Chief Executive Officer of the industry is Mr. Larry Mondry who was employed at the company in the year 2016.


Stream Energy offers quality customized energy plans to its clients which makes it easy to cater to the needs of the customers independently making it a highly reputable company. The workers and logistics team of the energy company are highly professional with experience in the energy and mining sector hence they play a role in the development and growth of the company by providing quality services.


In 2016, Stream Energy launched a philanthropic wing which was named the Stream Cares Foundation. The independent arm of the energy company is responsible for all the charity operations and projects conducted by the energy company. It mainly concentrates its projects in the Dallas regions it targets at improving the living standards of the Dallas people.


Stream Cares Foundation has conducted several philanthropic activities in the country. Before its founding, the Stream Energy company was well known for giving back to the community and giving charities to people affected during disasters. Stream Energy provided financial aid to Houston people during the Hurricane Harvey calamity. The support was to help them restore their livelihoods.


It also helped the Dallas homeless children with basic human needs like clothing, food and some shelter during the homeless crisis in the state. The energy company also offered assistance to Texas families who were affected by Tornado. Besides, the company always holds an annual programme to help Military families. The project is known as the Girl Doll Experience, and it is now under the Stream Cares Foundation.