Stream Energy, Working to Impact the Community it Does Business Within

Stream Energy, a business specializing in selling energy, was recently featured on Patch for its many philanthropy activities. The company was founded in 2005. It has a unique business model that involves individual entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to sell products offered by Stream Energy. These business owners and individual entrepreneurs can support any charitable organization of their choice.

Dallas, Texas is the home of Stream Energy and most of it charity work is done there. It puts a special effort into contributing to the community in which it does business, also. Stream contributed to the recovery of Houston after Hurricane Harvey. In 2016, It helped those affected by tornadoes. In order to have a more established platform for its philanthropy, within Texas, Stream Energy started a charity foundation called Stream Cares. This setup will enable the company to focus on its business and have a separate entity to focus on helping in the community.

Stream associates will often partner with local charities to provide services and goods for those in need of them. Out of concern for the increased homeless population in Dallas, It partnered with the charity Hope Supply Co. to provide a fun outdoor activity for homeless children. The event was called “Splash for Hope”. Stream funded the entrance and meal costs for over 1000 children. It often supplies the charity with diapers, clothing and school supplies to help locals in need.

In its efforts to help those in need, Stream Energy strives to offer memorable moments as well as monetary aid. Along with “Operation Once in a Lifetime”, It provides moral and financial help to veterans in Dallas. With donated transportation from Stream, Veterans and their families were able to enjoy a meal together in December. Stream co-hosted an event that created an American Girl Doll experience for 10 daughters of military members. They were each able to choose in American Girl Doll and eat at the American Girl Cafe.

Stream Energy and its over 250,000 independent associates not only work to earn a profit, but to improve the lives of others.