Summary of Aaron Lupuloff Addresses Evolution in School Environments

The following article is a summary of an article titled “Aaron Lupuloff Addresses Evolution in School Environments”. Aaron Lupuloff’ s article touches on many important subjects there are affecting today’s education system. The author states how globalization has had a profound impact on the way that most individuals live their daily life. The author of this article states how the last 200 years the number of illiterate people around the world has decreased drastically. Mr. Lupuloff provides a statistic that the number of illiterate people has reduced by 72% globally. In the United States, that number has reduced even more.

Although standardized testing was wide across the globe for many decades more and more countries are going away from such tests. Especially in the United States, which ones heavily relied on standardized tests, they are now looking at other methods to gauge the level of literacy and the student’s intelligence. An interesting point the author makes is that not everyone is satisfied by the shift and direction the education system is taking by not administering standardized testing. Many postgraduate students have expressed their frustration as they have had to adapt to various types of learning.

According to gwinnettdailypost, one of the reasons standardized testing is not as popular is because during the 1990s and 2000s many of the scores were low and a study showed that the teaching methods were not very interactive. It was also found out that standardized testing fostered a competitive environment and was discouraging many students. Based on this data the United States has opted to look for other more challenging supplemental programs for their students.

It is projected by the year 2020 the diversity in culture, race, and ethnicity will increase by 10%. This diversity does not include different rent learning styles or the different disabilities that some students are suffering from. The author points out that in this type of environment standardize testing is not the best fir to serve this diverse population.

The article also explains how the Gwinnet County Public Schools (GCPS) foundation has greatly assisted in enhancing the education system. The funding provided by the foundation has made it possible for certain schools to adapt and implement various teaching styles. In 2018 the GCPS raised close to half a million dollars. With these funds, it was possible for these schools to create scholarships, tuition assistance, extracurricular activities, and after school programs.

The final two parts of the article touch on how this education has boosted Georgia’s economy and information about the author. Because the word is getting out on how good the education system is in the Gwinnett County area, an increased number of families wanting to provide their children with a quality education has increased. Lupuloff has an extensive history and patience in working with the local education system. The author not only has this extensive education experience he also has a solid financial background as he worked for JP Morgan for over twenty years.