Talkspace – An Online Psychotherapy Platform Determined To Change Lives

Talkspace is an app that offers a platform for psychotherapy online. You can access this service on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop to join the network of about 1000 therapists and 500,000 clients. It is not only an unlimited texting platform but also allows you to speak to a therapist through audio or video call through the app. Clients are asked to fill up their profile according to which they are connected to a suitable therapist. All the conversations and information shared over the app are secured with high-level encryption to ensure that the privacy of the client is maintained. Even though you need to pay a monthly subscription fee, it still falls cheaper than in-person therapy sessions at a clinic.

The brain behind this remarkable psychotherapy app is Oren Frank, a marketer-turned-CEO of an amazing platform serving the purpose of helping people. This app increases the accessibility of psychotherapy for all those individuals who are facing mental health issues in any part of the world. It has helped thousands of people with mental health problems at the ease of their homes. The founder believes in maintaining a balance in every aspect of life and working hard for the goals you have set. The kind of wisdom and intelligence possessed by Frank reflects how positive, helpful and determined he is to help people fight a global issue. Because, undoubtedly, challenging the social stigmas attached to psychotherapy in today’s day and age is a difficult task. For more information of Oren Frank, visit his crunchbase profile

Oren Rank brought this breakthrough idea to life with the help of his wife in 2012, after they observed how going for couple therapy had changed their life for the better. This experience assured them that easily available psychotherapy could solve many mental health problems across the globe which is causing harm to their health.

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