Talkspace; Bringing the Breakthrough in Psychotherapy

Michael Phelps, a global champion swimmer is teaming up with Talkspace online therapy to share about how the therapy helped his life. Despite being a successful athlete, Phelps spent many years of his great life lost. Phelps struggled with anxiety and depression and when he realized he could not cope alone, he decided that it was time to see a therapist. According to Phelps, the decision to seek help saved his life.

As a result of how therapy helped his life, Michael Phelps is collaborating with the innovative Talkspace online therapy to discuss how therapy was instrumental in saving his life. The main aim of doing this is to help people to get support for any of their mental wellness issues by trying to improve access to top-notch professional therapy since there are millions who are in need of it.

Oren Frank cofounded and still is the CEO of Talkspace. He is one of the key people in the text therapy industry. Talkspace offers users access to professional therapists online. The platform was founded in 2012 and has helped over a million people since it was launched. The issues that have been addressed by Talkspace include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, family problems and post-traumatic disorder. The aim of Talkspace is to avail therapy to all and to help reduce the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health problems. The company believes that can benefit from this form of therapy and that it is important to treat mental illness with the urgency it deserves.

Recently, Talkspace hired a medical expert, Neil Leibowitz, to be crucial in the building of their enterprise business and lobby for the beginning of prescribing medications via the app. The vision behind developing Talkspace was so that psychotherapy would become accessible to the over a billion people in need worldwide. One of the inventions by Talkspace known as Unlimited Messaging therapy is a new platform that aims at getting rid of all the hurdles that outpatient service delivery faces. The advantage of using Talkspace is that individuals can get access to therapy in stigma free environment.