The Academy of Art University Contributes To New Movie Avengers: Endgame

The Academy of Arts University is a creative arts and design university that provides it’s students with the power to move digital mountains and prepares them for the new world that lays ahead. For over 90 years, The Academy of Art University has been family owned and operated. The prestigious university is based in San Francisco, California. The Academy of Arts University is a professional school that molds passionate student’s to create their dreams and brings them into reality.

The Academy of arts University was founded in 1929, by Richard S. Stevens, Who was a magazine editor and a creative painter of fine art. Since then, control of the universities positive progress has been passed down through generations. Today, Elisa Stevens, Mr. Stevens Daughter, is now head of the universities operations and continues to make progress.

Graphic novels begin with dreams and imaginations. The Academy of Art University provides their students with the very best education they need to make those dreams and imaginations a reality. The university provides a wide range of arts and design curriculum to keep their students very busy. The school provides a diverse range of classes like Architecture and communications to game development and web design. Education based classes like these, challenge students to become professionals in many different careers today.

Not only does The Academy of Art University provide with art and design courses, the university provides students with extra curricular activities. Sports and other physical activities help ease the work load for many students. The university has many athletic teams for both men and women to participate in. Sports like basketball, baseball, soccer and cross country provide the students with physical sports activities around the campus. The Urban Knights are represented as the universities team.

The Academy of Art university is the top visual effects and design school in the country. Many students have made contributions to the very popular and exciting movie Avengers : End game. The hot new movie has grossed over $100 million in it’s first screen showing. Many academy students from the digital animation studios contributed a great amount of skills they leaned at The Academy of art university to the new movie. The digital animation and visual effects studios also helped create other exciting films like Shrek 2, Terminator 2, and Avengers: Infinity War. New movies like Avengers: End Game are great examples of what The Academy of Art University help to create. Providing students with the power to become professionals in their craft.

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