The ClassDojo app is Equipped with Features Educators find Helpful in the Classroom

Technology for the classroom is not a new concept, but the features found in today’s educational technology have changed quite a bit. A recent online article took a look at what today’s educators are looking for in the technology they use in their classrooms. A common theme among the more popular educational applications was the ability of the technology to make learning fun. It also helped if the applications were tested outside of the classroom environment as well as inside it. ClassDojo has successfully achieved both of these aspects to become an application currently used in 90 percent of elementary schools within the United States.

While many people might have the skills necessary to create educational technology, they often miss the mark on what it is that educators actually want in the edtech they use. This type of education software needs to have more than bells and whistles, it needs to solve real issues within the classroom. ClassDojo was designed specifically as an enhanced communication platform that allows educators to instill ground-up change that stays with their students. The founder of ClassDojo Sam Chaudhary, attributes much of its success to the time he spent listening to students, parents and teachers during the app’s development phase.

Educators also look for edtech that has a plan in place to move forward. Any technology that could be easily integrated into new systems in a classroom setting is desirable. ClassDojo is continuously updated to reflect the ongoing needs of today’s classroom. It is designed to operate across platforms so it could be accessed on a variety of devices. It is also currently capable of translating messages into more than 30 languages. It is a comprehensive application that allows teachers to access a variety of tools, which includes directions for various activities as well as student groups and portfolios.