The Highlights of The Interview With Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers That You Don’t Want To Miss

It remains the case that EDM is now growing to be a more important platform in music for its artists to express themselves. Before, it was just something that’s undermined to be inferior music. Some would even label it as noise. Some would even call the EDM artists as hacks. In more ways than one, the duo or creative team that has given the valedictory address to the old image of EDM and has given it a new image is The Chainsmokers. It is not just an EDM music group anymore. It is a force to reckon. It is a threat to the established music today. The Chainsmokers’ leadership in the industry right now under the lead of Alex Pall is encroaching into many ares in music that used to be reserved for just standard songs.

An insightful article that shows how fantastic the growth of The Chainsmokers today is with the help of Alex Pall is the interview the team did with The Interview Magazine, the talk transcript website that was established after artist Andy Warhol. It is in the interview that Alex Pall shared a lot of the insight he learned all these years on how to create music, how to address fame, and how not to be worried about the taste of the audience that might dictate the direction of where artists are going.

It is also in the interview that the story of how Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met, wrote music together and finally re-established The Chainsmokers as a relevant EDM band today that just goes beyond beats and music. Right after meeting Andrew Taggart, Pall immediately assessed that Drew is a top-notch talent producer with the chops to also perform live and carry through an audience.

Pall also shared that their collaborative effort to create music was not distant or impersonal. It was serious. It was the type of collaboration where they had to meet for 8 hours straight, sit down together and brainstorm for the best music they could possibly create. Taggart also shared in the interview his view on how to build a strong identity as a serious artist if one is categorized as merely an EDM music maker.