The MAGFAST Revolution Arrives

On March 21, 2017, MAGFAST launched its crowdfunding campaign. The startup company spearheaded by Seymour Segnit produced a charger that does come with cable, cords, or their annoying tangles. Predicting how a crowdfunding campaign works out isn’t easy. Ultimately, you must wait to see how the public reacts. Within 15 minutes, it became apparent the MAGFAST charger was a hit. In a quarter-hour, the company raised $250,000. The shocking figures may cease to shock when you step back and look at the main selling point. Removing cables from the charging equations means fewer hassles and expenses for people powering up their smartphones, tablets, and more.

Thanks to MAGFAST, “cutting the cord” isn’t a term only cable companies fear. The arrival of the MAGFAST charger could help move the traditional charging cable in the direction of VHS tapes.

Consumers don’t like outdated and cumbersome electronic devices. Seymour Segnit knows this firsthand. He struggled with the hassles of finding and maintaining charging cables in his household. In 2013, he came up with an idea for a better way to charge things. Today, the MAGFAST charger represents the realization of the concept. Actually, MAGFAST offers more than one charger. The company expanded its product line to deliver task-specific chargers.

Innovation also helps sell a product. MAGFAST chargers rely on magnets allowing them to link together. One reviewer compared the magnet system to Legos. The comparison isn’t off the mark. Legos connect to form appealing works of play art. MAGFAST magnets can create similar artwork and decorations when guided by the right hands. Maybe cable charger consumers can find their creative muse when connecting their MAGFAST products.

Will the MAGFAST Family revolutionize the way charging occurs from this point forward? Keep track of the company’s product to see the final answer.