The Marine, The Leader, Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is an awesome person who resides in St. Louis, Missouri.


The early beginnings of the career of Mr. Ronald Fowlkes


Mr. Ronald Fowlkes’s first “real” job came in 1989 when he was selected to join the United States Marine Corps after a lengthy screening process. He remained with the Marine Corps until 1993. Although Mr. Fowlkes only spent four years with the U.S. Marine Corps, Ronald was promoted with merit not just once, but two times.


In contrast to being promoted with merit, many other promotions are need-based, which mean lower ranks of soldiers get bumped up to higher ranks because people in those higher ranks either quit on their own, are fired, or are demoted. Being promoted with merit is undeniably difficult, though Mr. Fowlkes showed enough courage, skill, and leadership that he was readily promoted throughout the ranks of the United States Marine Corps.


He also fought in the Gulf War.


Fowlkes is a great leader


Mr. Ronald Fowlkes’ son is a member of the Triple-A team of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues. Although the older Fowlkes does not play for the team himself, he is the equipment manager for the team, where he has displayed great leadership.


Even though he is not a player, assistant, nor coach, many people on the team look up to Fowlkes, likely due to all the time he spent across the various ranks of the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense, and law enforcement across the city of St. Louis, Missouri.


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  1. A number of the US citizens either plays hockey or are a fan, I love the sports and i always go out to watch too. I think Fowlkes will be known for a lot of things this include relationship with the Triple-A team of the NHL. Fowlkes has worked with the US Marine and I think that alone, has given him the due respect and recognition.

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