The Strength Hiding Inside Women with Smita Shah

History is often a reflection of what those in charge want everyone to believe. Men have always been in positions of power and wealth, which has frequently subjected generations of women to suppression by the men around them. This mindset has begun to shift in modern years due to a series of social order movements. Women have earned the right to vote and earned levels of respect that they have long deserved. However inside the institutional pillars of the country, men continue to hold a firm grasp to daily affairs. Smita Shah is one of the newest figures to rally women into a path for the 21st century. During a recent talk with Premiere Gazette, she addresses her views from many angels.


Smita Shah has been a force to reckon with in the male world since she was a child. She grew up in a environment that placed no limitations on what she could become. While her friends were off some a social adventure, she was glued to her textbooks. Smita Shah was fascinated by the power of numbers and what could be done when used correctly. This passion continued well into college where she steadily earned many honors to her name. Smita Shah was earning the respect of peers and most people viewed her as highly intellectual. She recalls the moment she founded an engineering firm. The industry was in a uproar over a female cutting out her own area. Learn more:


As a female herself and talking with fellow women, Smita Shah understands the mental trap many of her peers find themselves stuck in. She finds it boils to two core aspects. The first is the lack of role models in the industry. In response, Smita Shah has been making stronger efforts to find and showcase women business leaders form around the world. The other aspect is simply years and years of being put down. The only thing Smita Shah can do make it the industry appear more approachable for women willing to make a run. 


At the end of her discussion, Smita Shah describes a collection of tips for women to guide themselves forward into business. She suggests sticking to the task at hand, as any failed attempt will weaken your standing in the work environment. Smita Shah believes the most effective path to the top is a slow and steady pace. As projects are completed and connections become stronger, there will be a neutral pull upwards the hierarchy.


Smita Shah as seen the industry from many angels throughout her career, but there is one thing that connects everyone. The power of believing in yourself. She wants her fellow women to have better self-confidence and a willingness to try.

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