The Success of Perry Mandera’s Career

Perry Mandera is well known for his business skills, especially when he takes notes from everyone that he worked with in the past. Being a part of The Custom Companies as its CEO and Founder, he brought in a large amount of knowledge with what entrepreneurs can do as well as showing his interest in working with the public service. Before all this success began, he was first involved with the transportation industry, where he was initially a marine working in a motor pool. By that point, Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc. 

After being involved with the military, he worked as a businessman in Chicago as the 26th Ward’s Republican Ward Committeeman. With his prior knowledge from working with the military and public office, Perry Mandera was able to delve into customer service with as much devotion as any other worker would want to have. His mission was to provide his customers with a larger base of service made by Transportation Solutions within the same roof. (Follow up on WordPress reviews about Custom Companies core values).

What Perry focused on as a businessman is a goal of making things right initially, where he was able to use that mindset both on his own and when he worked with other people; in his eyes, it’s the epitome of what a businessman would do for his or her own long-term goal. Perry Mandera also went with working alongside any resource he was given in order to get to the goal that he and his clients have (LinkedIn). 

At times, it can be somewhat of a hassle to do, but regardless of how long it takes to get work done, he has sharpened his knowledge in entrepreneurship and deliver to his customers. Outside of his career, Perry Mandera had an increasing interest in being a philanthropist, where Perry Mandera was able to enjoy some of his favorite activities, including spending time with his family, being into boxing and sports, and even assisting any disaster relief drives. Between having much smaller jobs in his past and currently working in The Custom Companies on top of being there for years, Perry Mandera is the best example of what an entrepreneur can do with his career when dedication is taken by heart.

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