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Many people do not believe that women can be great leaders than men. Things have changed over time and women have today proved to possess unique and better skills in leadership. A vast number of them have come out at largest to showcase what they got in the industry. As one of the well-known women leaders, Isabel dos Santos has impressed many people through the belief and faith she has towards herself. Based on what she knows, belief drives behavior. It has driven her to excise ethical traits that not only serve as an example to others, but they also build her esteem as a successful executive.

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Feliz Dia da Criança! 😃 Um dos melhores dias de todo o ano, em que nos lembramos em como são ricas as nossas crianças, com a sua inocência, bondade e simplicidade com que olham o mundo à sua volta. Imaginem como era bom voltar a ser a criança, nem que fosse só por um dia, e poder viver com essa alegria e energia inesgotável. Mas podemos tentar aprender com elas, com tudo o que têm de bom, de genuíno. Contagiar-nos pelas suas palavras simples e sonhos poderosos. Mas acima de tudo, nós que já somos adultos e pais, temos o dever de dar às nossas crianças uma vida digna, com educação, ensinar os valores e a respeitar o próximo. Para que o mundo de amanhã seja cada vez melhor… As crianças são o futuro #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #DiadaCriança #Crianças #ChildrensDay #kidsarethefuture Happy Children's Day! 😃 One of the best days of the year, in which we remember how complete our children are, with their innocence, kindness and simplicity with which they look at the world around them. Imagine how good it would to be kid again, if only for one day, and be able to live with that joy and inexhaustible energy. But we can try to learn from them, with all the good and genuine they have in them. To be touched by their simple words and powerful dreams. But above all, we who are already adults and parents have the duty to provide our children a decent life, with education, to teach the, values and to respect others. So that the world of tomorrow will be better… Children are the future

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Isabel dos Santos does not rush in making her decisions and as a businesswoman, she has learned to schedule enough time to think about the things that affect her business. She believes that well-planned thoughts bring a lot to dawn. According to her, thinking enables to discover the things that cause a negative impact on her company. Besides, it also turns her products into assets of great value that she can rely on during hard times.

She does not focus on things she is not sure of but seeks to deal with real situations and ideas that she believes can change her career. Her experiences in business have encouraged her to help people that are struggling in getting their activities on the right track. She believes that any individual that wants to make it in the field must have excellent skills in management. According to her, a leader who knows the right way to handle their employees and customers gets to bring development in his venture due to the excellent connectivity that he exercises. Besides, Isabel dos Santos believes that partnerships are a great way to boost a business that has not grown to its targets. Based on her advocations, collaborations help a firms team gain more insight and skills form their partner and by working together, the two firms get to grow into big entities that could be a threat to their competitors. Isabel dos Santos focuses on helping everyone attain their goals in life.

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