Tim Ioannides Is A Beloved Dermatologist Working In Florida

Tim Ioannides understands the importance of personally working with his patients as much as possible. He feels this is the only way to truly understand their needs and build relationships that are based on trust. He has more than 15 years of experience helping the residents of Port St. Lucie with their dermatological needs.

With his hard work and passion for the medical side of dermatology, he quickly became a leader of skincare in the community. Because of his excellent customer service and smart business choices, Tim Ioannides was able to grow his small practice into a thriving multi-location dermatological practice. His organization is called Treasure Coast Dermatology and has five locations around the Treasure Coast.

Professional Education

Tim Ioannides earned his medical degree from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami before completing his medical internship at Gainesville’s University of Florida. His residency was completed back in Miami at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Before Treasure Coast Dermatology

Before opening his current practice, Tim Ioannides worked for another dermatology office in the private sector. The position he originally worked for focused most of the services on cosmetic dermatology. Shortly into his new position, Dr. Ioannides realized his passion for dermatology leans more towards the medical side than the cosmetic side.

When he decided to open his dermatology practice, he set out to focus his efforts on the medical side only. However, getting started with a new business requires a lot of capital. In the beginning, he offered cosmetic services to patients until he had enough money to phase out those services.

Volunteer Dermatologist

Tim Ioannides loves to give back to the community and has become a voluntary associate professor working at the School of Medicine at the University of Miami. He loves his role in educating bright and young future dermatologists. He loves to teach dermatologic and reconstructive surgery.

Tim Ioannides has stated many times he’s excited about the future of dermatology. Many advancements have made diagnosing illnesses and skin cancer easier and more efficient than ever. Treasure Coast Dermatology has locations in the Port St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties of Florida.

For details: angel.co/tim-ioannides