Tim Ioannides On How To Succeed In Business

He has been the successful founder and CEO of his own business for over 15 years but running your own company is not always as easy as Tim Ioannides makes it look. As someone who’s acquired over two decades of experience in the field, he has a lot of wisdom to share with the next generation and he recently offered up some advice to future aspiring entrepreneurs. He stressed the importance of being passionate about the field in which you are pursuing because that is the only way you will be happy and satisfied with the work that you do. He also advises any and all aspiring entrepreneurs to read the book how to win friends and influence people so they better understand business.

When he was in medical school, he was offered the opportunity to complete a rather daunting internship and he jumped at the chance. After excelling in his classes, he ended up graduating with honors and taking his first postdoc position working at an existing dermatology practice. As part of his responsibilities, he would shadow and learn from current dermatologists as well as help out with filing and paperwork in the front office. A few months later, however, he realized that corporate greed was pervasive throughout the company and so he left to open a practice that wasn’t susceptible to iniquity and avarice. First established in 2004, Treasure Coast Dermatology now has five different locations throughout the state.

One of the ways in which they attempt to set themselves apart from all other practices is the fact that they foster positive and nurturing relationships with every single patient who comes through their office so they can do the best job possible of diagnosing and treating whatever skin conditions their patients may have. So we wish him luck.

About Tim Ioannides: www.behance.net/timioannides