TJ Maloney Makes Generous Donation to His Alma Matter, Fordham Law

For TJ Maloney, law school was a place where a lot of things in life came together. It was more about learning the rigors and intense discipline of the law. It was a place of community pervaded by a spirit of fellowship that has informed his life ever since.

At Fordham University School of Law, Maloney found a community of people who were highly ambitious yet imbued with an attitude of mutual support, respect and common purpose.

That’s what prompted TJ Maloney to recently donate $5 million for the TJ and Nancy Maloney Library at Fordham School of Law. He graduated from the Manhattan-based institution in 1979.

Prior to opting for a career in law, TJ Maloney had garnered wide-ranging life experience. He worked as an engineer, a salesman, a longshoreman and even a common laborer. It was these experiences that made him appreciate more deeply the power of the law and the role it played in society. Prior to law school, he completed his undergraduate work at Boston College.

Throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s, TJ Maloney embarked on a successful law practice. He worked in the realm of merger, acquisition law and securities law. It would prove to be an excellent background for his leap into the world of private equity investment. In 1993 he accepted a job at Lincolnshire Management, a prominent New York PE firm. By 1998, Maloney has worked his way to the top job. Today he serves as CEO of Lincolnshire.

Mr. Maloney also sits on the Board of Trustees for Boston College. He is a former member of Fordham’s Board of Trustees. He is a frequent and much south-after guest on the lecture circuit.

The company he leads today is among the most successful investment firms in New York. Lincolnshire Management has a 33-year track record of backing some of the most high-profile enterprises in recent years. Lincolnshire’s current investment portfolio includes such firms as Dalbo Holdings, True Temper Sports, Allison Marine and Desch Plantpac.

Under TJ Maloney’s leadership, Lincolnshire manages $1.7 billion in private equity capital.

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