Vijay Eswaran is Philanthropy in Action

Vijay Eswaran is serious about helping others and finds that it gives him great satisfaction. He has accumulated a sizeable personal fortune because of his prescience in understanding the potential of network marketing.

He also enjoys peace of mind knowing that his company has helped thousands of others grow their own business and realize their potential. He successfully leveraged the power of network marketing and is now engaged in another amazing career. He is a world-class philanthropist who pays it forward like few others.

Several key traits have helped him reach the stratosphere of marketing success and he hopes to save others time by teaching them these things. The first thing that Eswaran highlights is the need to lay aside ordinary thinking. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

This would have mired him in an ordinary nine-to-five job and his dream would have never flown off the ground. Creativity and innovative thinking and sensible risk taking have served him well.

Serving others and giving of time, treasure, and talents are also keys to his success. Eswaran is very cognizant of the needs of others in his business and philanthropy. He hopes to improve the lives of others with both of these important endeavors.

Looking within is one thing that Vijay Eswaran uses to structure his day and develop strategies. He spends an hour each day which allows him to reflect and meditate upon current circumstances and the needs in going forward. This allows him to maximize his productivity with clear goals and plans.

The need for perseverance is heavily emphasized by Eswaran. He speaks of climbers attempting the ultimate feat of scaling Mount Everest to its peak and stopping just short of their goal. Anything that is extraordinary in nature will naturally require great endurance.

Truth is another strong focus of Vijay Eswaran and he maintains it’s always better, to be honest, and authentic. He also surrounds himself with like-minded people who have a great drive for success like him. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Two Minutes From the Abyss is the title of Vijay Eswaran’s latest book and it details the urgency needed for success and life in general. Nothing is guaranteed and this book urges aspirants to seize the day.

The charitable foundation that Eswaran supports is involved in a wide range of activities including a strong focus on community development.


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  1. Moving in the direction of giving is one thing that is special about Eswaran and I think it would help him to reach more people. Also with review it would be easier to have a well sustained growth in the field. The minds in giving is something that has created room for more to be done in the world even if it is not perfect.

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