Vijay Eswaran is the Business Plan With The QI Plan

Mr. Vijay Eswaran is the business man with a major plan. He was born in October of 1960 to a teacher and an organizational leader. He later moved onto study at London School of Economics. He financed his own education by driving as a taxi. His good work ethics and dedication were major contributing factors to his future accomplishments. He kept working hard to achieve greatness and later found himself traveling around Europe. He used this time wisely to practice and strengthen his self awareness and business skills with different jobs. This experience encouraged him to write his first book “In the Sphere of Silence”. This book was influenced by his 33 day vow of silence to himself. This is a very interesting fact about Vijay Ewaran because it exemplifies the many different techniques and tactics that people may have to endure to become who they were truly meant to be.

In 1998, Vijay Eswaran decided to become the co-founder of the QI Group. This was a major achievement for his career as well as the business world. The QI Group is a multi-marketing company that enhances every business or situation it addresses. The QI Group conducts business in media, luxury products, training, travel, and more! There are regional offices located in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia ,and others. He also continued to pursue his career as an author. He wrote other books like In The Thinking Zone,and On The Wings of Thought. He is also working on one of his biggest projects called QI City. QI City seems like a city filled with opportunity and enhancement. It is a 1.2 billion dollar real estate development in Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. QI City will include valuable resources like an educational hospital and Quest International University(QIUP). Vijay Eswaran continues to practice phenomenal business ethics and talents. He is currently the chairman of the council of the Quest International University. QI City’s completion in 2020 is an exciting expectation for the business world!