Vinod Gupta A man for mankind

Vinod Gupta is a successful entrepreneur who was born July fourth, 1946 near New Delhi, India. He lived in a small village that was not equipped with the modern amenities at the time.

Fighting through the lack or electricity, running water and transportation he got through high school and ventured away to college. From a young age Vinod Gupta had a strong urge to be successful, and among his success he wanted to be a stable within his family.

Not only did he strive for his success but while doing so he was determined on making a long term impact on investments. He not to long after realizing his goal, he turned a $100 investment into a $680M company. As if that wasn’t enough personally the long term impact that he was striving for was reached through the likes of those he has personally helped put through school, start businesses, and provided financial opportunities.

With many charitable contributions he has participated in his interest with women’s education remains a top priority. Growing up in india he witness the very little of opportunity and chance young woman had to receive an education. Despite this treatment for Indias women His father instilled in him at a young age that school could and would be the key to a prosperous future ahead.

With these lessons Mr.Gupta has tried and still actively pushes that same mindset on the less fortunate individuals. Having the ability to recognize the long-term effects of decisions, similar to the acts of Mr. Gupta, is an essential part of the success of the Everest Group .Learn more about his continued rise, and his ability to successfully engage clients in conscious business practices, and to act as an example for his clients, potential investors.

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