Vinod Gupta Gives Back To His Community

Recently, Vinod Gupta donated $1 million to help construct a university for females in his hometown of Rampur Maniharan. Known as Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic and first opened back in 2000, the university enables women to get a degree in any postgrad field of study in as little as two years. What a lot of people many not realize, however, is he didn’t always have this type of money to throw around as Gupta is, in fact, a self-made millionaire. So how did he become as successful as he is today? Well, after growing up in a small town in India, he proved to excel in academics and went on to study agricultural engineering. Upon graduation, he move to the states after accepting a scholarship to a master’s program at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Once his academic career came to a close, he accepted his first position working for a company called Commodore Corporation in 1971. He stayed there for about a year before deciding to leave and start his own company called American Business Information. Over the years, it went through many changes but it also thrived and became worth upwards of $500 million. By 2010, it had gone through quite a few names changes and was now known as Infogroup. Around that time, Gupta sold the company for a massive profit and went on to become a managing general partner for a company known as Everest Group. He also donated $2 million to create a school of management for the polytechnic school.

He has also allocated funds to create and develop a school for girls in his hometown and Vinod Gupta has always maintained his focus on helping future aspiring female entrepreneurs throughout the nation of India. So we wish him the best of luck on that.

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