Vinod Gupta Has Many Lessons To Pass Down As A Successful Entrepreneur And Business Veteran

Vinod is well-known as one of the most successful businessmen of the current day, having made billions of dollars from his ventures as an entrepreneur. Vinod has an inspiring story of success, full of innovation and desire. Vinod did not grow up in any state of wealth, but instead, he was living in a poor village in India as a child. Despite this, Vinod was always looking up and wanting more for his life than the impoverished village around him.

While growing up, Vinod focused on his education and made a declaration that he would go to college and make something out of himself. By 1962, Vinod had finally achieved his goal of graduating from college with a degree, but then he found himself in the Indian Air Force from 1964 to 1967. After leaving the Indian Air Force, Vinod came out a stronger man with an opportunity to move over to America, which he aptly took. Vinod continued his education for a while after moving to the United States and eventually graduated with a degree in business administration from Nebraska University.

By 1971, Vinod Gupta was working for marketing coming known as Commodore Corp. As an analyst, Vinod spent most of his time compiling lists for company. The job was so time-consuming and difficult to compile, Vinod was sure he could build a better system by himself, which he set out to do not long after joining the company. Vinod compiled a list of competitive companies from all over the country by searching through more than 4000 different yellow pages books. This effort paid off with the help of a partner because in just a few years and a small 100 dollar loan later, Vinod was making thousands of dollars in sales.

Fast Foward more than 40 years later, and Vinod was able to sell his company, InfoUSA, for a sum of 680 million dollars. Today, Vinod is able to sit on a great portfolio of business success and wealth. Despite his long and successful career, Vinod is still spending his time in the corporate world as he manages the venture capital company known as Everest Group.

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