Watford’s Gino Pozzo Moves His Family Attentions To Soccer

The Pozzo family is one of the most famous in Italy and across European soccer because of their excellent stewardship of Udinese. The Serie A club the family purchased in the mid-1980s when local people appealed to the tool manufacturing experts to bail out the team when it was in financial trouble. Despite being known as one of the leading soccer families in Europe, Gino Pozzo is quick to point out that football is not the main area of business for the family.

For Gino Pozzo, the decision to become a soccer club owner was taken out of his hands when he returned to Italy after completing his studies at Harvard Business School in the U.S. in the early 1990s. Pozzo found his father struggling to cope with the demands of soccer in the early 1990s when the landscape of the sector was changing. English soccer was seeing a shift towards the Premier League and extensive TV money that would allow them to dominate European soccer for a decade.

Gino Pozzo arrived at Udinese at a time when the company was in much the same situation as his current club, Watford. Udinese became one of the leading teams in Europe after the arrival of Gino Pozzo and the scouting network he created. Pozzo has expanded this network of scouts to include the needs of Watford with the Pozzo family leading the change in the way soccer success is viewed.

As the family sold its tool manufacturing business and began to focus on real estate and soccer, Gino Pozzo led the change in the way the family viewed their soccer investments. Breaking into the Premier League in 2015 led to the Pozzo family tackling a group of new investment opportunities in the shape of young players breaking into the Watford first team after being sourced by its network of scouts.