Why Omeed Malik Wants to Break Down the Action in Pre-IPO

One of the most driven entrepreneurs today is Omeed Malik. His drive as an entrepreneur is nothing short of amazing. He built an empire within finance along with business partners, Farvahar Partners, that would soon enough glean valuable recognition for raising the bar in finance.

One of the benefits of working with Omeed Malik and his partners is that they are fully aware of what it takes to be successful, and why it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen. His focus from the beginning was to work with what is clearly an underserved population today, and it has been for some time. This was abundantly clear in his niche asset management field. One of the things he brings to the table is his innate ability to accurately and quickly assess a benefit.

It was his quick witted skills that led to him launching his own firm. It seemed only natural that with his knowledge and his skills that he would do so. It was in May of this year that Omeed Malik was honored to have been given an exclusive interview on Fox News regarding his firm and the market’s activity. His interview was to be conducted with Charlie Gasparino.

The best place for this to take place was at the Milken Institute Conference while it was happening. This conference was deemed one of the most important times to address investments and where they were coming from. Their big discussion was on what is known as a “shadow market”. Gasparino was questioning investments that were made prior to IPO’s being finalized. However, he kept inferring that regardless of the type of firm, these firms were all investing in the same asset classes. Omeed Malik is still regarded as one of the top resources today working with investments.

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