Women empowerment is a sensitive topic for many women who are struggling to make ends meet in a world dominated by men. Smita Shah has come up with methods to help her fellow women to excel in their areas of expertise. She is one of those women who made it in life despite all odds playing against her. Smitah created her own company which has managed to serve the society in one way or the other. She is a true embodiment of a female warrior. She doesn’t find it scary to share her guidelines to inspire others who want to be boss ladies.

Smita Shah believes that poor self-image is one of the inhibitors of women’s success in the field of entrepreneurship. The limited available successful women are the root cause of this problem since there is an inadequate number of female mentors. Because of this, many women have no idea how to be successful independent ladies. Therefore the first step in being successful for women is responsible for their self-image. Navigating a shift in self-image requires the presence of a strong lady who has power financially, economically, socially, and politically.

She brings to our attention the millions of business enterprises all over the world that are established by women. An evidence enough proof that women can fight for their portion in a society. According to Smith, talent is genderless, and both men and women have equal opportunities to be successful in life. It only takes maximum dedication with limited distractions to be a successful female entrepreneur. The skills required to be a successful female entrepreneur include:

Having self-belief. 

Respecting yourself provides a way to good things that are approaching you in life. The skills that you possess should be treated with respect, no matter how little they are. Every situation, good or bad, comes with a lesson in life, therefore, treat every case as an opportunity to learn a new skill. Learn more: https://www.thechicagonetwork.org/members/smita-shah/

Commanding presence.

The way you present yourself in a working environment will determine how people respect you. Using the traditional business appearance is one sure way to command presence. However, having the current dress code for women in business will divert the attention of women from listening to you to your dress.

Fight to take the credit.

Even if your experience in the business seems little compared to other male colleagues, do not let them step on you. Letting others take the credit in the workplace is one way of limiting your progress in the industry. Women who have learned the game are just as greedy as men to take the credit. It does not matter how little you have achieved in the business industry since your story can inspire someone when the tides change. Therefore do not turn your back on opportunities.

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