Ara Chackerian And His Influence On The Mind

After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, Ara Chackerian has gone on to make a name for himself in the fields of entrepreneurship, philanthropy and investing. In addition to that, he is also an individual who is passionate about the environment and has spent a lot of his time on community-based projects as well as working in the medical field. To further illustrate his resume, he has spent many years developing the bond between the industry of both technologies as well as health. Thus, it is clear to see that Ara Chackerian has a wide range of interests which seem to focus along the common theme of helping others.

Recently Mr. Chackerian has been pursuing new avenue known as TMS Health Solutions after a long term partner made a suggestion. Soon after, Ara Chackerian and his partner did some research and realized that TMS is a treatment that works surprisingly well when combating psychological illnesses such as depression. By combining their experience in developing facilities for outpatients with TMS expert Dr. Richard Bermudas, they will be able to create a delivery care model that considers the patient first when it comes to treatment as well as their experience.

By observing Ara Chackerian’s contribution to TMS Health Solutions, one can see that Mr. Chackerian has a keen interest in an individual’s mental health. In a recent article, he goes through five critical aspects of mental health month and discusses the fact that millions of people have some mental illness as diagnosed by their doctors. Some of the tips that he suggests are to make sure that you are aware of your mental state as well as making sure that your experiences are known to others. These tips are significant because 20% of individuals will suffer through a mental illness at some point in their lives.