Article Title: EOS Lip Balm: How Consumer Research Made the Product a Success

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The Evolution of Smooth is a company that makes beauty products, and what made them popular is their lip balms enclosed in a spherical container. Sajiv Mehra and Jonathon Teller are two of the company’s founders, and they stated that one of the reasons why the EOS lip balms became a huge hit is because of their research about the consumers of the product. According to Sajiv Mehra and Jonathon Teller, lip balms have been around for nearly a century, and they studied the designs used in the past. They found out that the lip balm design since it was introduced to the public is bland. They tweaked the design of the product and made it more appealing towards the women. They targeted this particular market because they knew that women would have more interest in products that are more feminine. As they launched the product in 2007, they were surprised knowing that a lot of people has anticipated its release, and beauty bloggers were quick to try it out and create a review that was posted online. This triggered a snowball effect.

Beauty bloggers who are reviewing beauty products normally have huge followers on social media. As they picked up the EOS lip balm, their followers became curious about the product and bought it. As more people became familiar with the product, the company’s sales figure rose. The endorsement from celebrities also helped the EOS lip balm to become one of the most successful beauty product brands in the market.

Today, the Evolution of Smooth is focusing on a different market – they are trying to market their products towards the millennials and as a result, the company promoted that their products are eco-friendly. They are also creating new flavors and designs that would appeal to the market, and if they are successful, it could translate to another level of success.

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