Becoming with Darien Dash

Darien Dash, New York Native, raised in Paramus, New Jersey, safe to say the world of entertainment, entrepreneurship, and success came to him naturally with close relatives being in the game as well. Darien Dash spent some time working with his cousin during his freshman year of college starting Roc-A-Bloc Records. Working hard,they were able to do work with one of today’s greatests MC’s, Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter.Darien Dash has always gone above and beyond. Attending The University of Southern California, Darien Dash studied Political Science, and leadership at the university’s Emerging Leadership Program.Giving all his time to hard work, Dash proved himself worthy of representing The Black Student Union by becoming President of the Black Student Union and actively participating in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Going through hardships in his youth, experiencing the loss of a parent at the age of 18, Darien Dash made the decision to build off of his pain to make himself better. In the year 1994, age 22, Darien Dash launched DME Interactive Holdings, a company that rewired urban areas for digital internet access,becoming a major provider of content in the minority community. In the year 1999, age 27, Darien Dash’s company DME Interactive Holdings, was named the Minority Technology of the Year by the Department of Commerce.

According to Crunchbase, in the year ‘99 Darien Dash’s company was the first african american internet company to be sold on Wall Street. Another accomplishment to bring home, but not stopping there, the following year 2000, the peak of technology, Darien Dash was asked by the former President Bill Clinton to accompany him on his third “New Markets Tour” to make the internet accessible to every American. In the same year of 2000, Darien Dash launched Places of Color. Partnering with AOL, pursuing his dream with EVERY American in mind, to be able to connect online, receive emails, and gather basic technology skills to achieve the American Dream.

Today, Darien Dash, is currently CEO of The Movement Management Firm, Focusing on providing financial business advice to clients of different backgrounds.