Bhanu Choudhrie on Branching Out

The character of Bhanu Choudhrie is hard to summarize in a single word, but if one were to try, perhaps the first that would come to mind would be “ingenious.” His methodology for business has always functioned on the principle that whether you know it or not, there is always a better way to do this. This is the basis for improvement. In order for a company to actually take the steps necessary to improve, they first have to believe that it is possible in the first place. Otherwise, they will not take the effort seriously. He tries to inform his employees constantly that they have much more power and influence than they are aware.

Something he has noticed within the workforce is that there are many people who sit at the bottom end of the business chain and are comfortable there; these are not the type of people he wants to work for him, however. Bhanu Choudhrie has a special talent for seeing passion in people, but he is also particularly good at spotting out when someone is telling a lie just to get a job, and he comes across both on a regular basis. He is, of course, always more excited to meet someone who has the motivation to help his business grow, but he also appreciates the rest of the people whose talents just genuinely lie elsewhere.

Something Bhanu Choudhrie tries to emphasize is that even if someone is not in the same field as you, you can still glean information from them. In fact, he believes it would be foolish not to. Imagine having an infinite wealth of knowledge at your disposal and only choosing to learn about the facts that correspond directly with business; it would be wasteful. In Bhanu Choudhrie’s opinion, people should try to make themselves as well-rounded as they can. While some people are always going to be singularly passionate about one topic, he believes that it is important for the sake of job security to have a set of skills rather than depending on just one. Because of this, Bhanu Choudhrie encourages everyone to branch out as much as possible.