Bob Reina: From Policing to the Entrepreneurial Arena

Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, recently announced an enhanced version of Live Meetings. Live Meetings is software that provides quality real-time communication. In the enhanced version, the interface has received an upgrade, as well as the implementation of WebRTC, a well-known system.


A simple description of Live Meetings is that it allows users to send one-way videos and hold conferences through the use of video. Using a smart device or computer, there can be as many as fifteen hosts and five-hundred participants.


One new feature is that you do not have to download the video, but can view it directly in your browser. This makes the application much easier to use, makes it usable on more devices, and makes it more efficient by eliminating the need for Adobe Flash Player. Users actually don’t need any plug-in software at all to use Live Meetings.


The application is also sought after because it is ahead of competitors when it comes to using modern technology like WebRTC. The company also uses a marketing approach unlike it’s competitors.


Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO, graduated from the University of South Florida while working a myriad of jobs. He followed up his education by graduating number one in his police academy class. However, even though he was successful in law enforcement, he had an entrepreneurial passion he could not ignore. At first, he scratched this itch by succeeding as a part-time direct salesman. Because he was so passionate about entrepreneurship, he continued down the path by bravely trading in his steady police income to commit to making it in the entrepreneurial arena.


Although his beginnings are unorthodox, he is especially known for having great vision. Many of his colleagues claim that his vision is the reason they joined him, even though they were already successful technology or marketing experts who could secure dream jobs. Along with this insight and dedication, he is also an animal activist that brings pets to the office as well.


Bob Reina is an example of how anyone willing to work hard can succeed, as he transitioned successfully from policing to entrepreneurship. Learn more: