Carrie Mae Weems and Sharon Prince

Carrie Mae Weems is among the most influential American artists in the modern days. She recently performed at the Grace Farms Foundation. She creates a space for people to think about injustice, inequality, violence, and race. She uses her powerful voice and an incredible team of fellow artists to make people consider society’s persistent injustices and violence.

Carrie Mae Weems calls people to consider the value of life and stop the violence. By the end of Past Tense at Grace Farms she left a space for hope. I hope that we can make changes and consider what is thought to be impossible possible. She remains hopeful that it is possible to achieve the necessary change. In a recent New York Times article, she said that she strongly believes, have a strong sense of good hope and gets inspiration that one day everyone will be able to enjoy the right of being who they are.

Her hopeful ambitions are in coordination with the Grace Farms Foundation’s work. They match in the areas of eliminating wildlife and human trafficking. The President of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince believes that Weems diversified work will help to bring more aspects in trying to create more peace and grace all over the world.

Sharon Prince has designed Grace Farms in a way that it creates space for advancing the good in the Universe. It is always open and the public access it free. It has built an excellent reputation due to its welcoming nature ever since it was formed. Individuals from different communities are invited to the foundation where they can hold discussions, take part in general events and have fun. Grace Farms Foundation brings together many minds using the five main initiatives.

Carrie Mae Weems believes that in the world we live in today, there must be a global dedication to act against forces that bring about hate, division, and slavery. She is committed to continue working at Grace Farms until this is achieved.

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