With the continuous practice of expanding the business, people often try to capture different markets in their country or even across the world. With the advancement of technology, it is actually feasible to achieve that goal by connecting your different branches or departments through mobile phones and internet connections. However, establishing connections in a vast business and making a unified team with monitoring each worker and the departments to have full control over a business is not a very straightforward and economical task to do for your application developer team.


LocationSmart comes with the idea to simplify your expanded business by providing seamless connections in your segregated business. It provides complete access over each business activity by letting you monitor your every worker without putting you in the extra cost of establishing dedicated trackers to keep your valuable assets and workers traceable always. It makes it possible to connect over 15 billion mobile devices with a single API with satisfying your security concerns.


Cloud-Based Technology


By replacing that traditional GPS technology with Global Site ID services in the tracking or monitoring system of the company LocationSmart provides more accurate and extended services. With this geolocation technology, a company can locate any connected device via an available cellular network or wifi network. And by having GSID services available in over 200 countries LocationSmart is able to make business activities accessible not only in the country of origin but across the world.



LocationSmart Platform For Complete Business


There are different departments, stores, and branches a company can have domestically or even internationally if a company decides to expand its roots across the world. Connecting each department, stores, branches, and even workers including office staff and keep track of each activity happening in your business is now possible with LocationSmart. LocationSmart covers your complete business to make you able to keep eye on everything crucial to your business and lets you run your business productively. There are some ways, discussed below, it benefits your business:


Track your valuable assets in the transportation process or placed across the world


With having GSID services in LocationSmart’s platform a company can monitor M2M asset, AVL device or any connected mobile phone domestically as well as internationally. It makes your valuable assets traceable even moving from one place to another by letting you locate the driver also in real-time monitoring.


Turn workers existing mobile devices into business assets


With liberty, LocationSmart gives you to use any mobile device and in result make it possible to use the worker’s existing mobile device as a tracker without any hardware modifications, application downloads, which saves a lot of money. You can keep track of each worker in real-time monitoring to use them more productively.


Secure connection


With IP intelligence it provides a secure connection with auto-detecting any suspicious activity made from an unknown location.


Better customer assistance and delivery


Being able to locate the customer’s exact location a company is able to forward the case to the local team to assist them more accurately. And being able to keep track of every business-related activity you can deliver the best services with providing greater and accurate situation knowledge to customers.


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