Customers rave over Securus

Securus Technologies has done a great service for us here in America. They have devoted their entire existence to ending the evil of inmate deaths that occur inside correctional facilities. While many of us do not often think about murder inside a prison, it is quite a common thing. As Securus Technologies began to investigate the matter, they found that in the last decade the deaths inside the correctional facilities have increased. Customers told them that the cause was because of contraband cell phones within the prison. Securus knew that if they could target these phones, then they could save many inmate lives.


Partnering with Correctional Facilities across America, Securus Technologies began to test from three different products. The first product was known as Cell Defender. Customers day that Cell Defender has increased their safety due to its ability to pinpoint the location of a cell phone that is being used inside the prison. This was important because many inmates had their cell phones in different areas throughout the prison.


Securus Technologies then created a second product at customers’ request that allowed them to hack into the phone once it was located. Once hacked, they were able to listen in on calls, see and delete current text messages, and check mail. Customers thanked them because it allowed Securus to hear the plans of attack far in advance and stop them before an inmate could be hurt.


The third product that they created was Wireless Containment Solutions. Customers reminded Securus that today all phones could connect to Wifi even without a plan. This allowed inmates to use Facebook Messenger, as well as Twitter, to talk about how to attack other inmates. The moment they could no longer get on Wifi was the moment Securus Technologies was able to win this war.