Doe Deere and her Views on America

The makeup brand named Lime Crime’s founder and current CEO Doe Deere was born in Russia. However, she grew up in the States. Her birth name was Xenia Vorotova. Ms. Deere always dreamt about living in the United States when she was a little girl. She idealized the country because it was a place with endless possibilities.


Ms. Deere grew this perception about the US through its magazines, music, and movies. She was impressed by the American culture and their language. Doe Deere was only 17 when she finally got a chance to visit her dream country along with her sister and mother. She says this move changed her life completely.


New York is synonym with the US for most of the immigrants. This was also the case for Doe Deer and her mother and sister. They went to New York City. She firmly believes that if someone can make it in New York than he or she can make it in anywhere in the entire world.



Ms. Deere was ready for the challenge she was going to face in the US. She already knew that she had to start from the bottom to achieve something in life. Ms. Deere’s mother was an accountant when they were in Russia. However, no one was ready to offer her mother a job in the States as her education documents had not reached the US. To support her family, she started cleaning apartments. Ms. Deere herself started earning by walking the dogs and taking care of the neighbor’s pets. The start was quite difficult for the three women. At times, they even thought about going back to Russia.


Ms. Deere along with her sister and mother were forced to a homeless shelter as they only had $7 to their name. The next six months were the toughest for them as they didn’t even have a kitchen. They had to stand in line every day to get food. They only had a single bed.


Their luck changed in 1999 when the Sanctuary for Families helped them. It was an organization that helped female immigrants in the US.


Doe Deere worked hard and became an entrepreneur. She was able to establish her makeup brand named Lime Crime in 2008.