End Citizens United Helping Political Candidates Stand In Elections With Grassroots Financial Support

The election campaigns have become highly inflated with the money from the corporations and affluent individuals. The elections campaigns used to be neutral once upon a time until the corporations’ money started flooding the election campaigns. It has become impossible for many people to trust the way the election campaigns are conducted these days as it has the potential to manipulate the public’s opinion easily. For many years now, the corporations and wealthy individuals are doing everything they can to win the favor from the politicians. Funding the election campaigns is one of the ways the corporations try to gain the support of the politicians. These days, billions of dollars are being spent on elections, and it has made it difficult for the politicians to ignore the corporations and wealthy individuals.

The Supreme Court helped the corporations and other wealthy individuals who wanted to spend money on elections by passing a ruling in 2010 in the Citizens United Vs. F.E.C case. The verdict by the Supreme Court entailed that the corporations and individuals are permitted to spend an unlimited amount of money in elections without any restrictions. It is what led to massive amount of money being spent on elections. More money spent on elections more is the feeling of obligation in politicians for the corporations and funding individuals. End Citizens United is the most popular political action committee that was set up in the year of 2015 to help bring down the Supreme Court ruling that gives a free hand to the corporations and individuals to spend as much money as they want. End Citizens United feels that until there is some amount of accountability in the campaign finance system, it would continue to be partially rigged.

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It would make it difficult for the people to trust the electoral process or the politicians who are elected through it. End Citizens United is planning to overturn the Supreme Court verdict of 2010 in the Citizens United lawsuit by endorsing the politicians who are honest and have pledged not to take the corporate money when standing in elections. So far, End Citizens United has identified with 70 candidates who it would be endorsing and helping. The two new names into the list of political candidates that End Citizens United would be endorsing are Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker. End Citizens United feels that having the two well-known Democrats, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand on board with the many other candidates who have renounced the corporate PAC and money is going to help spread awareness about the need to change the campaign finance system. End Citizens United aims to promote the political candidates it endorses through the grassroots donations it receives from the everyday people from across the nation.

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