Enhanced Athlete Defeats Nutrition Distribution

Scott Cavell, Chief Executive Officer of Enhanced Athlete, urges nutritional product companies not to pay Nutrition Distribution nuisance settlements to stop them from continuing their objectionable business practice of harassing their competitors. Enhanced Athlete focuses on fitness and sells bodybuilding products . The Appellate Court of the Eastern District of California denied the false advertising claim of the “serial plaintiff Nutrition Distribution.” Enhanced Athlete aptly demonstrated that Nutrition Distribution demanded a small sum of money which it expects its competitors to pay rather than defend themselves against their meritless claims. Furthermore, there is no evidence that Nutrition Distribution’s sales loss is due to Enhanced Athlete’s advertising.


Nutrition Distribution’s Frivolous Lawsuits


Enhanced Athlete of Cheyenne, Wyoming, appealed the injunction against false advertising brought by Nutrition Distribution to the United States District Court of the Eastern District of California. Nutrition Distribution, LLC filed numerous lawsuits after sending hundreds of cease and desist letters to its competitors. The letters demand settlement for alleged losses due to competitor’s false advertising of their testosterone boosters.


International Enhanced Athlete


Enhanced Athlete brand products help you jump higher, leap further, and run faster than most athletes. Enhanced Athlete vitamin and mineral products  are sold in local malls, health food stores, and online. Enhanced Athlete ships sports products from its domestic and foreign warehouses in the United States, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Europe, India, Korea, or the Philippines. Enhanced Athlete offers enhanced coaching and athletic clothing from its website.


Enhanced Coaching


Enhanced Coaching is an economical way to achieve increased muscle mass, plan nutritious meals, and design exercise routines which help you meet your goals. Our coaches help you determine which products, diet, and menus will work for you. Enhanced Coaching helps you select exercises to reduce specific areas or strengthen specific muscle groups. Enhanced coaches are available to you when you purchase Enhanced Athlete products.


Enhanced Gear


Enhanced Gear sells everything you need for your workout from tee shirts, sweat shirts, and jackets to tank tops. Enhanced Gear is increased motivation from sweat pants and joggers to shorts for your summer workouts, picnics, or strolls in the park. Tee shirts and sweat shirts read, “Shirts off. Pants down.” “Diet starts tomorrow” may be for you. Wear sportswear adorned with Enhanced Gear logos or trade name to meet and connect with like-minded individuals. Show your new physique to your family, friends, and rivals.