EOS Sets a Trend in Lip Balm

EOS accomplished greatness in just seven years, surpassing expectations of customers around the world while also out-selling the tried and true name in lip care for more than 100 years. Chapstick was beaten by EOS with little surprise to many people who were ready for a change and something a bit trendier in lip care.

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, produced a lip balm of a higher stature than Chapstick and it didn’t go unnoticed. For women seeking something new and exciting, the orb container and exciting flavors were nothing short of spectacular. Add the fact that EOS lip balm uses only all-natural ingredients in their products and you can clearly see how the brand was able to surpass Chapstick, the brand that women and men have turned to for all these years.

She was impressed by the scent, the flavors available, and the overall results of the balm. Soon EOS was seen in the hands of A-list celebrities and in upscale stores like eBay.

Today, just seven short years after that initial struggle to get the product on the shelves at Walgreens pharmacies, EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/limited-edition.html) is the second-best-selling lip balm on the market today, falling just short of the Burt’s Bee product holding the number one title.  For more info, please visit evolutionofsmooth.com.


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  1. After convincing Walgreens to carry their product, EOS was discovered by an Allure magazine editor who had only great things to say about the lip balm. EOS is beloved by celebrities and everyday Jane’s like you. It also makes it look so good and make me an essay would be the next thing I’d say too.

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