Eric Lefkofsky offers new lifesaving insights through Tempus

One of the most important decisions of our age is how we are going to work big data into healthcare. For years, we have been learning to collect and combine information to predict outcomes. Knowing about problems in advance or even knowing that they might come up can give us advantages against some of our worst problems. Statistics and big data have been used in the insurance industry for decades now. Using these systems we have been able to determine with terrifying accuracy which people are most likely to be in car accidents and as a result insurance companies have been able to manage their prices so that they can cover these accidents and remain profitable.

If nothing else, the fact that insurance companies can stay profitable through prediction says a lot about how far data evaluation can take us. But with prediction comes privacy concerns. For years now, the big question has been whether or not we are going to apply big data to the medical industry. Some of our most significant human problems exist in the medical industry.

Cancer and other medical nightmares still take the lives of millions. Using big data we could arguably predict, prevent, and even treat these problems saving those same millions. Tempus is a company that is now organizing and collecting billions of data insights for use against cancer. By collaborating with universities and medical groups, they’re starting the work that will ultimately answer this question and change the way we do medicine.

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